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    Meet Koko

    I am a freelance photographer. I am passionate about my work. I find it difficult to even call it work, since I consider my profession as the hobby of my life. Meet new people, capture their mood, be part of the happiest moments of their life, their work, their projects. it's not a dream?


    I studied a bachelors in Design and Visual Communication at UNAM in Mexico City. I lived for 7 years in different states of México. In Morelia, Michoacan, I began to be involved in film productions and commercials as a still photographer.


    My style and aesthetic can be checked on the portfolio page. I would love to be part of your project.

    My Approach

    I love capturing and documenting people during projects, events and also doing photo shoots where I can connect with people. What I enjoy most is reproducing natural still images in various filming scenes and watching how they enjoy what they do.

    My essence is to get involved in projects so much as to make them mine and feel close to them.
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